At Space, we're mingling our long-standing knowledge of needle and thread with new research and technologies to reduce our impact on the planet. Every day, we delve into new sustainable practices, from material sourcing to designing, manufacturing, packaging and building our brand. We're still embarking on a journey which gained momentum in 2020 with the launch of our first collection called the “summer vibes”. It worked as a kaleidoscope for more sustainable practices and has enabled us to reduce our overall CO2 emissions.

We are versatile

Overconsumption is the biggest hitch in the fashion industry. We firmly believe cherry-picking versatile clothing will cut back the need to purchase. The out-of-ordinary occasions demand different styling and not different clothes. We empower that.

We are functional yet minimal

Our founders are minimalists. Richa believes in Minimalism and focuses on natural fibers in her design process. Her style is luxe and classic. Avni relies on the philosophy of buying less but buying better, creating effortless pieces.

We believe in planet-positive clothing

With a focus on zero-waste clothing and circular fashion, this eco-friendly brand is all about quality basics. Space uses low-impact dyes, upcycled natural materials, and organic cotton to create the very best sustainable and organic apparel. It's a make-to-order brand which reduces inventory waste in all its forms and silhouettes. Space promotes planet-positive clothing. Following the principles of fairness, all our factories are Sedex approved (the world's leading ethical trade organization) and ensure that the team is well paid and works respectfully in a safe environment.

Meet our textiles

Space sources and processes its fabric eco-friendly, adding to the implicit beyond its function as a piece of apparel. We see clothing as a form of expression between the consumer and the environment. Most of the fabrics used are locally sourced and are 100 percent natural. The primary accouterments that we use are cotton and its derivatives. 

We are size inclusive 

Space prides itself on furnishing unique, style-forward choices with an extensive size range and diverse clothing. The brand offers luxe resort wear, breathtaking aesthetics for evenings out, and well-constructed casual separates. The sizes ranging from XXS to XXL accentuate and celebrate diversity in myriad ways.

We are unique

By adopting a make-to-order business model, Space has worked on reducing its carbon footprint by only producing in small batches. Our USP lies in creating fashion that is made to last and not to keep up with ever- changing trends. Always looking to take things to the next level, all our collections are made with all-natural fabrics. As a result, we create comfortable clothes designed for everyday life, forming the backbone of any modern wardrobe.

The team finds deep motivation in what the founders quote:

"As a consumer, my approach to fashion was always something which makes my day-to-day life simple with no compromises made and a getaway to power dress. Minimal in a sense that makes me stand apart and provides choices to be playful. SPACE is our conscious entrant in fashion being compliant with individuality and comfort."

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